The question that arises before the Buddhists is whether the wheel of law turned by Lord Gautam Buddha about 2555 years back for the welfare of entire human beings is being practiced at all directions in its true perspective? The response to this question will not be positive certainly. A peep into time and circumstances is demonstrating clearly that most of the people have adopted Buddhism only as the traditional caste heritage and that is why they have remained non-Buddhist by action.

The main reason behind it is that most of the Buddhists have not been able to understand and teach Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy in their true perspectives. The other reason behind it is that even most of the Buddhists, who had comprehended the teachings of the Buddha well, did not try to pursue the Buddhist precepts because of their ordinary selfish motives. This has led to disrupt the Buddhist social structure by generating a wrong culture continuously. And it is not an unnatural fact too.

In order to create a clear, peaceful and prosperous society, we should root out the distortions and distractions that appeared in Buddhism. Similarly, we should bring awareness among the people so that Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy may be maintained, strengthened, practiced and disseminated in their pristine purity. And with these ends in view, this Nepal Buddhist Council is being organised in a national level.

It is indeed a very crucial task which cannot be fulfilled by the efforts of a few persons. That is why, this council heartily requests the people of Buddhist faith at home and abroad to help fulfill this mission by contributing something within their own capacity.