Nepal is well known in the world because of its two prominent locations. The first one is Mount Everest, the highest summit of the world while the second one is Lumbini, the holy spot sanctified by the birth of the Buddha. Nepal being the birth land of the Buddha, the greatest apostle of world peace, foreigners visiting at this country feel themselves glorified and when they step into this land, they expect to learn something solid on Buddhist religion and philosophy

At that time when this council was established there were no suitable environment exists in this Buddhist land for disseminating knowledge on Buddhism. Whereas, in many other countries of the world, like Japan, Srilanka, Thailand, Myanmar etc., there are numerous schools, colleges and universities which are being set up for disseminating Buddhist education from different aspects. The world Buddhist conference organized at Australia's New South Wells from 29th October to 2nd November in the year 1998 has also decided to set up a world Buddhist University and has passed a charter to establish its head office at Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is a fact known to all.

At this time, when the trans-oceanic countries are taking keen interest in Buddhism and setting up educational institutions for spreading its knowledge in a massive scale, it is but an irony of fact that no suitable institutions exists in this Buddhist land for undertaking such a laudable venture. Taking note of all these facts, the Nepal Buddhist Council did venture to operate a free class on Buddhism. In this connection it started a foundation course on Buddhism from Theravada to Bajrayana since 1997 AD. It is running very successfully and has completed ninth batch till now. Within this time more than 300 participants has took part in this class. It has operated many symposiums, talk programmes, seminars, and also had published 13 books and 9 souvenirs with scholarly articles on Buddhism, which has been very popular. Now it has come forward to establish a Buddhist college at Lalitpur, the second city of Nepal, under the name of SUGAT BUDDHIST COLLEGE. The objective of this college is to provide education on Buddhist religion and philosophy at the Higher Level. Now the process is on the way for affiliating it with Lumbini Buddhist University. The University, too, has responded its proposal very positively. Unless and until circumstances create disturbance, this task is estimated to complete within the forthcoming year.

At this moment, the Nepal Buddhist Council is engaged in accumulating physical and other facilities for running the college. This is an act, which would enhance the glory and grandeur not merely of the Nepalese Buddhists but equally of the nation. Although strenuous, this task can be launched successfully if the individuals as well as the associations and organizations committed to Buddhist faith would cooperate in this mission very sincerely. That is why the council has expected help and cooperation from the related fields.

Buddhism is a path committed to wholesome action. The Council, too, is dedicated towards pursuing it. Hence, it appeals all to help cooperate in this mission by offering necessary opinions, suggestions and cooperation. Hope Buddhist institutions and well wishers will help the Council in fulfilling its mission very successfully.

Thank You.